Foam concrete blocks calculator


With this calculator, you can calculate the required number of foam blocks for the construction of a house, garage or sauna.

How to calculate foam concrete blocks for a house?

  1. We determine the total area of the walls of the house. To do this, enter the following values in meters: length, width and height of the house.
  2. Determine the number of walls. Mark the walls that will be built from foam concrete blocks. As a rule, this is the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western wall of the house. By default, all four walls are marked.
  3. Specify the thickness of the foam block wall. Choose the width of the foam block, which will be equal to the thickness of all the walls around the perimeter.
  4. We calculate the number of foam blocks, volume and cost. When all the data are specified, we proceed to the final stage – we calculate the quantity, volume and cost of foam concrete blocks. To get the calculation result, click on the “Calculate” button.

Online calculator for calculating the number of foam concrete blocks


Calculator for calculating foam concrete blocks

The online foam concrete blocks calculator calculates for blocks of the D500 brand, the price of which is 69 USD/m3.

Determining how many blocks you need for your project can seem like a confusing and challenging task. But it can be simplified using the construction calculator above. Just enter the dimensions of your building and the gas block calculator will determine how many blocks you need.

The calculation of the amount of mortar needed for wall joints will depend on the mortar used. On average, about three bags of cement are used for every 100 blocks. Masonry adhesive is taken at the rate of 25-30 kilograms per cube of blocks.

As with all construction projects, we advise you to buy at least 10% more material than you think is necessary in case of unforeseen incidents. After all, it’s better to prepare ahead of time than to drive back and forth to the store wasting money, time, and gas.

To find out how many foam concrete blocks there are in 1m2, read here.

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